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When I was a computer science student, it was hard for me to translate the English documents on the websites since I am Vietnamese, I keep copy and paste into the Translation website. So I decided to create an website extension which allow me to translate directly on the websites. And BAM that was really cool!!!

Ddict founded - 2011.

After 10 years, now Ddict almost has 1.000.000 monthly users all over the World!!!

Ddict keep no ads and has no profit from the starting till today. Ddict doesn't store or sell your personal data, I care about your privacy!. But I think Ddict did bring alot of fun for you guys.


Ddict is developed and maintained by only one person.

Vinh - Ddo

Free Coder

My name is Vinh, nickname Ddo. Born and raise in Saigon. I am a freelancer.


The Goal of this Fundraising is for Ddict can keep working day by day, bug fixing as soon as possible, and yes Ddict will have many new features in the future.

Therefore, if Ddict has a support fundraising, I could mantain and improve it comfortably. That is the reason we need your encouragement.

I will public the process here.

Ddict will have updates if it meets the milestones:

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